Air Source Heat Pumps

LG Therma V

THERMA V is approximately up to 4 times more efficient than boilers. The longer you use it, the more you can save on heating costs. Therma V is a system that allows space heating, floor heating and hot water supply. Not only can you install it in your new home, but you can also replace boilers in your existing home.


By using outdoor air, heat pump technology reduces domestic power use compared with traditional boilers. The system is also compatible with solar panels for even greater savings.


Samsung, as the 8th most valuable brand in the world, have a deserved reputation for innovation, quality and value The Samsung EHS Gen5 is the latest generation in Samsung's successful range of MCS accredited air source heat pumps. Quickly becoming the go-to air source heat pump, the Samsung EHS GEN5 comes with excellent technical support combined with a competitive price. Useful for most large and small scale installations.


Our world renowned products are characterised by exceptional performance and high efficiency, helping homeowners to enjoy lower energy bills and reduce their environmental impact from the outset.

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Energy Saving Tips

  • Switch off standby
  • Switch to LEDs
  • Shut the curtains
  • Turn off lights
  • Switch to renewables
  • Replace your old boiler